Credit union people – Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs or DEs) to be specific – in and around Madison, Wisconsin are participating in a variety of volunteer outings that focus around the issue of hunger in 2017. Previously, we’ve focused on a few of the international development issues. Specifically education, health, housing and hunger.

In 2016, DEs were surveyed and hunger and working in food pantries and food banks were the most desired opportunities to volunteer, as well as working directly with people. Also, preparing food for people at Gilda’s Club and Ronald McDonald House has been a very popular opportunity. Hunger (or “food insecurity”) is a big issue in Madison – see here and here for example – so it’s a good fit for our volunteer group.

The volunteer events take place about every month or so for a few hours with at least 5-15 local DEs participating at each event. Together, we can make a difference.

Click the following for our volunteer activity highlights:

This project was started by Christopher Morris in Madison and he can be reached at chrisjamesmorris [at] gmail.com.

Not only will this help make a difference in Madison, but this is something DEs and credit union groups across the country can look at for inspiration both as group project and/or as something their credit union organization can get involved with. It also helps identify potential partners and volunteer activities for DEs and credit unions in their own community (strategic philanthropy!).

The development issues are an outgrowth of the National Credit Union Foundation’s DE Training and have been identified as barriers to economic growth and prosperity for families around the world. All issues are relevant to families in Madison.

> Click here for more information about DE Training

> Click here for more information about credit unions (if you stumbled across this blog)



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