Making Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House


For our ninth outing of 2017, we continued to combat hunger by working with the Ronald McDonald House in Madison.

Madison’s Ronald McDonald House Charities provides services and a “home-away-from-home” for families while a child they love receives treatment at area hospitals. They come to Madison in search of a hope, a treatment, a cure, and sometimes a miracle. They foster a sense of community, so families who need our services can form friendships and share moments with other families also facing the unthinkable…a sick child. Everything they do is focused on keeping kids healthy and helping kids heal.

For this activity, we donated and prepared the evening meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House (which meant bringing in food & cooking a buffet meal for about 25 people). From their website: “In many communities and cultures, it is traditional for friends and neighbors to prepare meals for loved ones who are caring for a sick family member. The families that stay at Ronald McDonald House are often far away from family, friends and other support systems that would normally help them through a difficult time. The gift of a home cooked meal after a long day at the hospital is a much appreciated act of compassion and kindness.”

We made a nice variety of food for the buffet and had a wonderful time! Many of us were able to talk with the families there and were happy to help them during their stay in such a small way.


*Thanks to Scott Lopez too for donating some salad supplies!


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