Helping People in Need at The River Food Pantry


September is Hunger Action Month, and I’m happy to say this is the third year in a row that we’ve volunteered and wore orange to show our support! If you wear orange, some good folks will donate meals to Second Harvest Foodbank. So in addition to volunteering, we also helped support Second Harvest.

This month, we assisted clients in the food pantry at The River Food Pantry, which we had a good experience with last February.

The River Food Pantry is Dane County’s busiest food pantry, offering free groceries, meals, and clothing to anyone who comes for help. More than just meals, The River provides a warm and welcoming family atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect, encouraged to find the support they need, and given the opportunity to share what they can with others.

The River feeds more than 600 Dane County families per week, going through 40 thousand pounds of food every seven days, or about 2 million pounds of food each year. In 2015, The River received 30,605 family visits. Approximately 39% of those served by The River are children and 20% are seniors.  The River provided those guests with hot meals, groceries, clothing, and household items.

As always, it was an incredibly rewarding two hours and I’m looking forward to returning. They offer a variety of ways to get involved as a volunteer, which is definitely worth checking out!


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