Sorting Food at Community Action Coalition


For this volunteer outing, we worked with a local non-profit we haven’t volunteered with before around the critical issue of hunger!

We spent a few hours with the Community Action Coalition (CAC) for South Central Wisconsin that works to develop economic and social capacities of individuals, families and communities to reduce poverty in Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties.

Specifically, we volunteered with the Food Security Program at CAC, which works to increase food access and food security among people experiencing poverty by mobilizing and distributing food resources. CAC facilitates food drives, takes donations and purchases food in bulk. They track, sort, warehouse and deliver food free of charge to more than 70 food pantries, shelters and meal sites for the hungry in South Central Wisconsin.

After we learned about all the great work CAC does, we got busy sorting food from a recent mail carrier donation drive. In just a short amount of time, we sorted two huge boxes filled with plastic bags of all types of food into different categories onto two pallets! The food will then make it’s way to area food pantries for distribution to people who need it, making our work – and CAC’s – so important.


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