Helping Teens with “Reality Rocks” – Financial Education Exercise


For this DE Volunteer outing, we teamed up with Summit Credit Union to make a difference with local teens! Given that April is National Financial Literacy Month and National Credit Union Youth Month, doing something around the development issue of education, financial education, made a lot of sense.

We were happy to be a part of “Reality Rocks,” a financial education exercise to help teens practice and increase their understanding of budgeting concepts. Here is more information – it’s very similar to a Financial Reality Fair.

It was powered by the Sun Prairie Business & Education Partnership and held at Sun Prairie High School. We assisted Summit Credit Union at their booth. Summit’s role was to be the financial institution for the event.  Each student received their career, income and family situation. They first went to the “Uncle Sam” booth to learn how much will come out of their paychecks for social security and taxes.  The students then came to us to get their checking account started. We gave them a check book, helped them start their check register and answered any questions they have about record keeping for their checking account. More importantly, we talked (most of them) into putting 5-10% into their savings first! 🙂

It was a busy and fun morning, with over 300 (!) students attending the session. They were all very polite and smart. I was particularly impressed that almost all of the students chose to put money in savings right away. After the students stopped by our booth in the first few hours, some of us helped out in the credit card and clothing booths. It was an awesome experience overall!





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