Making a Boy’s Birthday Special through Box of Balloons


For March’s volunteer activity, we did something a little different to make someone’s day – our group worked to provide joy, hope and celebration for a child and their family on their birthday! After reading about Box of Balloons last month in the Wisconsin State Journal, I just knew it was something we should be a part of.

Box of Balloons is a non-profit organization on a mission to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. Every child deserves to feel special, be celebrated and have a memorable party.  Unfortunately that is not possible or many families. 22% of children in America live below the poverty level, and although they support of basic survival needs being met first, they also believe that a birthday celebration can give economically challenged families the hope they may be missing. Their focus is to ensure each child feels special and celebrated on their birthday despite a family’s current situation, living conditions, or financial status.

For this activity, I reached out to Box of Balloons and we – exclusively – planned a birthday party for a boy turning 7 in Sun Prairie who loves Minions. They sent us a list of about 8 items (each ranged from $5-$10). It was a chance to make his day special, without him knowing. As far as most children know, volunteers (like us) had nothing to do with the Box of Balloon supplies and the party was from their parents.

As you can tell by the pictures, everyone helped put together an amazingly creative party for this boy! From all the decorations to the party favors to the game (Minions bingo) to the gift to the custom cupcakes to the tableware to even the box! Wow, wow, wow.

I should mention that this was also the first time that rather than meet at a specific time and place for an outing, I just organized a way for folks to gather the necessary items on their own and collected them by a necessary date. It seemed to work well and within an hour or so, all the items needed for the party were accounted for! Will definitely be signing up to put together another party in the near future. If you are interested in getting involved, here is more information.

Special thanks to all who participated and helped out in some way – Kris Ackley, Lacey Adler, Matt Davis, Meghann Dawson, Kristina Grebener, Amy Nigrelli, Jessica Scheidler, Alicia Steindorf,  Sarah Stout, Jill Tomalin, and Lisa Zander.



3 thoughts on “Making a Boy’s Birthday Special through Box of Balloons

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